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Why use advanced comparison technology.

Our expert intermediary uses bespoke comparison technology to compare the UK’s leading insurers in health insurance; with this tool they can provide you bespoke quotes, comparing multiple insurers, whilst continuously providing up to date prices directly from the insurers themselves. You won’t find a better price!

3 Simple Steps to comparing quotes from Vitality and other leading providers

Because we know everyone has busy lives, the quoting process has been simplified to 3 simple steps to receive your health insurance quotes, therefore you won’t waste time or not get the results you want.

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Some key benefits to health insurance

  • Access to online GP’s so your children don’t have to worry about leaving home.
  • Fast access to diagnostic scans and tests, which means one less hectic situation in your life.
  • Access to breakthrough cancer drugs and treatment when you need it the most.
  • Mental health care and support services access, giving your family the options you need.
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Frequently Asked Questions
around Health Insurance

How much does PMI cover cost, and what affects the price I pay?

PMI premiums vary greatly from person to person, as they’re based on a range of factors including your age, your postcode, the underwriting method, and the level of cover you require. Some insurers offer a no-claims discount, which works in the same way as your home or car insurance – as a reward for not making a claim on your policy.

Other insurers offer discounts for non-smokers, and customers with a health body mass index (BMI). Our expert advisers can provide more details on the discounts provided by our recommended insurers.

We compare thousands of policies from the UK’s leading insurers to save you money on comprehensive private medical insurance for you, your family, and your employees. Contact us today for the best private medical insurance cover at the best possible price.We’re so confident you won’t find your insurance cheaper, that we offer a price match guarantee.

Are there things no PMI insurer will cover?

All insurers have a standard list of ‘general exclusions’ that they don’t cover. These can include: HIV/Aids, war, riots, self-inflicted ailments and chronic conditions. For example, alcohol and drug addictions are excluded because all insurers classify them as self-inflicted.

What extra benefits can I get with private medical insurance?

Some insurers offer extra benefits and discounts to incentivise policyholders to stay healthy. These include: 1) discounts at high street retailers, 2) discounts on luxury weekend breaks and family holidays, 3) up to 50% off gym membership (including Virgin Active and David Lloyd) and weight loss group fees, and 4) 20% off car hire.

If you have any further questions, they should all be answered as part of the quotation process, you can speak to an expert adviser who will give you all the information you need FREE of charge. You can ask as many questions as you please and aren’t obligated to purchase anything.

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* VitalityHealth Summer Cashback offer – Personal Healthcare plans with a start date between 1 July and 30 September 2023.

For the avoidance of doubt, VitalityHealth Personal Healthcare Plans that include any members who were already insured with VitalityHealth at any time between 15th May 2023 and 30th June 2023 (inclusive) will not be eligible for the Offer. 

  • a)  “Engagement Period” means the calendar month in which the Plan Start Date commenced, until the end of the following two calendar months;
  • b)  “First Qualifying Condition” means that the Participating Member has – subject to clause 7 –during the Engagement Period:
    i. completed all sections of the online Health Review (Vitality Age) assessment, and earned Vitality Points for that completion; and
    Ii. earned at least three Vitality Points for physical activity;
  • c)  “Second Qualifying Condition” means that the Participating Member has – subject to clause 7 – during the Engagement Period: 
    1. completed all sections of the online Health Review (Vitality Age) assessment, and earned Vitality points for that completion; and
    2. earned at least 48 Vitality Points for physical activity in each of the two calendar months following the month of the Plan Start Date;
  • d)  “Participating Member” means any adult person that is covered under an Eligible Plan that: 
    1. is aged 18 or over when their cover under the Eligible Plan began;
    2. joined the Eligible Plan during the Engagement Period; and
    3. remains covered on the Eligible Plan on the last day of the Engagement Period;
  • e)  “Payment Date” means the date on which the Cashback is paid to the Principal Member, this being no later than the end of the fifth calendar month following the Plan Start Date; 

Full terms and conditions can be seen here –

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